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Will Trump’s election be overturned?

There is a movement underway to convince Republican members of the Electoral College to switch their votes away from Donald Trump to get someone else installed as president.  The preferred “other person” that would most please the backers of this movement would be Hillary Clinton.  Still, the Trump detractors would be satisfied with just about anyone but Trump.


If this campaign is successful, which the “experts” says is highly unlikely, it would cause a constitutional crisis of monumental proportions.  In which case, we could expect a stock market collapse.  Further, we could expect – most probably – a huge run up in the price of gold and silver.

Gold and silver are refuges from uncertainty, and I can think of nothing – except war between major military powers – that would create more uncertainty than such a constitutional crisis.

Except for Fox News, the issue hasn’t received much media attention.  When mentioned by MSM, it is usually addressed as a curious matter, complete with smirks and snide comments.  Still, the movement is real, and Fox commentators seem disturbed by the movement.

As noted above, the “experts” say it highly unlikely.  However, all states do not require members of the Electoral College to vote as directed by the voters, so theoretically Trump’s election could be overturned.

For a more detailed discussion on this topic, read 14 Signs That There Is A Plot To Use Russia As An Excuse To Steal The Presidency From Trump On December 19th Or January 6th.

2 Responses to “Will Trump’s election be overturned?”

  1. Eric Mecham

    When you have incidents such as what happened in Detroit, where actual ballots measured fewer than the vote tallies reported, then you can see that this recount business can open a huge can of worms for the Klinton Kamp. Personally, I would like to see a sizeable audit of voting results so that the real extent of voting fraud can be determined. It would be even more fun to have the parties responsible for the fraud prosecuted, but as long as we have the corruption evident in the cadre of judges that we have, it won’t ever happen.

    I’m just waiting for the gold price to bottom before I buy.

  2. Charles Ashby

    NO, it will not be overturned! Overturned is only in the dreams of the liberal Democrats!


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