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Three charts that will make you want to add to your precious metals position

Government current expenditures

Explosive growth of Fed’s balance sheet, 1980-2021

Year-over-year change in gross public debt (billions), 1980-2020

3 Responses to “Three charts that will make you want to add to your precious metals position”

  1. Johnny Estes

    Hello Tom, we do not sell “sets” of the American Silver Eagle. We are a volume bullion dealer that services all 50 states. As such, our business is based on volume and not the individual coin. If you seek out a local coin shop with good reviews they will, more than likely, be able to help you out. If you desire to buy the American Silver Eagle in bulk our minimum order is 100 ounces. Good luck and have a great day.
    Johnny Estes
    VP Operations

  2. Debra Winters

    I have come across a coin I’ve never seen before
    United States of America
    Twenty dollars
    Eagle is in flight with appears to be the sun below it.
    Liberty side has a lady with a torch in one hand Andreea branch in the other.stars around the edge. Two small building on bottom by her feet left side.
    Rock with tree branch at the bottom .her right foot is on the rock.above the rock it has letters.
    Long hair .wearing a dress.
    No stars on edge of eagle side.

    • Johnny Estes

      Hello Debra,
      It sounds like you have a pre 1933 gold coin. With these types of coins condition is everything. I recommend you locate a local coin shop with good reviews and physically take the coin to them. They will be able to evaluate the coin on the spot.

      Have a great day,


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