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The Last Gold Rush…Ever!

It has been my delight to collaborate with Charles Goyette in writing The Last Gold Rush…Ever!, subtitled Seven Reasons for the Runaway Gold Market and How You Can Profit From It.

Publication is set for October 27.  The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Charles, whom I’ve known for decades, is Phoenix resident and a New York Times best-selling author (The Dollar Meltdown).  He has a tremendous grasp of Austrian economic theory and the geopolitical scene.  He once hosted a talk show on Phoenix’s most popular radio station until he criticized President George Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

As the sub-title reveals, we cover seven reasons why gold is headed for a runaway market.  Personally, I think that the ensuing gold market will be the last for gold, meaning that gold will return to being a standard investment that belongs in every investment portfolio.  Gold will outperform stocks in the years ahead.

Further, I fear that the Fed and Congress are setting the stage for still more massive money creation.  Only a few “fiscal hawks” are objecting to the Fed’s actions.  Once a political trend is set in motion, it usually takes a disaster to end it.

Pre-order The Last Gold Rush…Ever! here and on your next order with CMI Gold & Silver Inc., we will deduct the price you paid from your order.  In essence, a free copy.

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