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Silver Specials


The items on this page are offered at below market prices because they are either only available in smaller quantities, products we do not offer in our normal course of business, or products that have imperfections, such as tarnishing, spots or out of original packaging.

However, sometimes our specials pages offer standard bullion products for which there is a temporary excess supply in the market. During these times you may find significant discounts on the most popular forms of metal.

If you want to know more about these specials, call 800-528-1380. We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays through Thursdays, Fridays 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

100-oz Silver Bars

Assorted brands - 100-oz. Silver Bars .999 fine

No Minimum - FREE Shipping

Spot + $.35/oz.

OPM 10 oz. Silver Bars

Ohio Precious Metals brand 10-oz. Silver Bars .999 fine

Package deal of 8 bars (80 troy oz.) – shipping included

Spot + $.69/oz.

1 oz. Silver Rounds .999 fine

Silver 1 oz. rounds from smaller, but known silver refiners each marked with silver purity and quantity,

Various Styles- Sides may show slight tarnishing (.999 fine) 100 Coin Minimum - stock photo - shipping included

Spot + $.49/oz.

Australian 2015 Funnel-Web Spider 1-oz. silver coin

2015 1-oz. Funnel-Web Spider Silver coin--part of the Perth Mint's Wildlife Series

1 Sealed mint box of 500 coins available

Spot + $2.15/oz.

US MINT 1-OZ. Silver Eagles

US Mint 1 oz. Silver Eagles - back dated year coins

Limited quantity available - shipping included - 100 minimum - stock photo

Spot + $2.15/oz.

Australian Koala Kilo Silver Coin

Kilo Size (32.15 troy oz.) Silver Koala Coins by the Perth Mint

Limited quantity available - shipping included - previously owned coins

Spot + $1.15/oz.

Pre-1965 90% Silver Quarters

Pre-1965 U.S. Mint 90% Silver Quarters

Only 100 face minimum purchase with free shipping!

Spot + $.89/oz.

Perth Mint Kilo Silver Kookaburra Coins

2009 dated Kilo Silver Kookaburra Coins - 32.15 troy oz. .999 fine silver

Limited quantity available - shipping included - previously owned coins

Spot + $1.15/oz.

RCM 1.5 oz. Polar Bear & Cub Silver Coin

Royal Canadian Mint 2015-1.5 oz. Silver Coin with $8 CAD value depicting Polar Bear & Cub .9999 fine silver

Third coin in the Canadian Wildlife Series, 18 coins in a tube for 27 total ounces of silver. Stock photo.

Spot + $1.95/coin = about $1.30 over per ounce

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