Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 MST

Gold Specials

The items on this page are offered at below market prices because they are either only available in smaller quantities, products we do not offer in our normal course of business, or products that have imperfections, such as scratches, spots or out of original packaging.

However, sometimes our specials pages offer standard bullion products for which there is a temporary excess supply in the market. During these times you may find significant discounts on the most popular forms of metal.

If you want to know more about these specials, call 800-528-1380. We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

Kilo Gold Kangaroo

1991 Australian Perth Mint Kilo Gold Coin in Plastic Holder (.9999 fine)


$14.00 over spot

50 gram Gold Combi Bars

Valcambi Suisse (.9999 fine)

FREE Shipping

$29.00 over spot

1/2-oz. Gold Maple Leafs

1/2-oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leafs in Plastic (.9999 fine)

2 Ccoin Minimum - FREE Shipping

$24.50 per coin over spot

1-oz. U.S. Gold Eagles

Random Year Coins

No Minimum - FREE Shipping

$29.00 over spot

1-oz. Gold Krugerrands

Random Year Coins

No Minimum - FREE Shipping

$23.00 over spot

1-oz Gold Rounds

1-oz Scotiabank Gold Rounds in Assay Holders (.9999 fine)

No Minimum - FREE Shipping

$19.00 over spot