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Small Metric Gold Bars

Small metric-weight gold bars

Although most Americans are more accustomed to investing in gold products that are either one-ounce or fractions of an ounces (1/2-oz, ¼-oz and 1/10-oz), small metric-weight gold bars are becoming more popular because of their small unit weights and because they sell at premiums significantly less than fractional-ounce gold coins.  Further adding to their popularity is that they are minted by some of the world’s best known refineries, such as The Perth Mint and PAMP.

Small metric-weight gold bars are .9999 pure and are individually packaged, as shown in the photos that accompany the below discussions about the various sizes.

100-gram gold bars

100-gram (3.215 oz) bars are the most popular metric gold bars, with premiums ranging from 4.5% to 1.7%, depending on quantities.  By comparison, 1-oz Gold Eagles carry premiums from 6.2% to 4.5%.

Perth Mint and PAMP 100-gram gold bars are readily available.

20-gram gold bars

A twenty-gram gold bar contains almost 2/3rds an ounce of gold, .643 oz to be exact.  20-gram gold bars carry premiums from 7.1% to 3%.

Perth Mint 20-gram gold bars are readily available.  They are packaged 25 bars to a box.

10-gram gold bars

A ten-gram gold bar is 1/10 the size of the popular 100-gram gold bar and contains .3215 oz gold.  10-grams gold bars have premiums ranging from 8.9% for small orders to 4% for large orders.

Perth Mint 10-gram gold bars are readily available and are packaged 25 bars to a box.

5-gram gold bars

Five-gram gold bars are the smallest metric gold bars that CMI Gold & Silver Inc. carries.  Each 5-gram bar contains .1607 oz. of gold, with premiums from 10% down to 5.5%.  By comparison, US Mint 1/10-oz Gold Eagles have premiums from 18% down to 13%.

Perth Mint 5-gram gold bars are readily available and are packaged 25 bars to a box.


It is a function of the gold market that smaller pieces carry higher premiums than larger pieces.  Excellent examples are American Gold Eagles, of which there are four weights: 1-oz, ½-oz, ¼-oz and 1/10-oz.  1/10-oz Gold Eagles carry the highest premium, while 1-oz Gold Eagles have the lowest, with the ½-oz and ¼-oz in between.

It is also a function of the gold market that government minted “legal tender gold coins” carry higher premiums than comparable-weight privately minted gold products.  Actually, legal tender gold coins carry higher premiums than the same weight products even when made by the same mint.  For example, Perth Mint 1-oz Australian Kangaroos carry bigger premiums than Perth Mint 1-oz gold bars.

Small metric gold bars, with much lower premiums, are great alternatives to the high-premium fractional-ounce legal tender gold coins.

Buying small gold bars

If you would like to discuss buying metric-weight gold bars, or any other form of gold (or silver), call us at 800-528-1380.  We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm MST, Mondays through Fridays.  Here is a link for more information about Doing Business with CMI Gold & Silver Inc.