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Silver use in electronic devices to increase

An innovative and economical mass production technology for building mobile phones, iPhones, picture-phones, and a host of other hand-held electronics allows components to be fastened both mechanically and electronically to printed circuit boards. The technology permits upwards of 200 contacts for components and connections on a small board, increasing the range of features possible in the device while keeping it extremely small.

This development will, according to The Silver Institute’s World Silver Survey, increase the proportion of silver used in electronic devices in the coming years. Also according to the World Silver Survey, 61.4 million ounces of silver were used for electrical and electronics fabrication in the US in 2008, with world use at 201.7 million ounces.

A more detailed discussion of this development and its impact on the silver market can be found in the 2009 Second Quarter issue of Silver News.

Silver News also reports continued improvement in the use of broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of ionic silver in wound dressings. Antimicrobial ionic silver kills a broad range of pathogens and is being hailed as a major break through in wound dressings. Although antimicrobial ionic dressings now are used mostly in hospitals, products for over-the-counter sales are coming available.

Additional developments for uses of silver in the medical field are discussed in the 2009 Second Quarter issue of Silver News.

Additionally, Silver News reports on the development of a line of jewelry boxes that promise to keep silver tarnish free for up to 35 years. The boxes are lined with a cloth that absorbs gases that cause silver to tarnish, according to the developer, Wolf Designs, which has been making jewelry cases since 1834.

With gold just off all-time high prices, silver jewelry is gaining in popularity. Supposedly, Pandora Jewelry, which is basically silver jewelry, is now the best-selling jewelry in the world. Pandora’s success comes from the company offering a wide variety of attractive but inexpensive pieces.

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