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Silver tidbits

Jessica Cross, commodities analyst at VM Group, said had some interesting things about silver in an interview. published a printed version of the interview.

Much of what Cross said is known to many silver investors. Still, her comments should be interesting to silver investors. One paragraph from the interview:

For example silver is used in wood preservatives in the U.S., it’s used in radio identification tags throughout the world including ID documents, it’s used in medical bandages as a biocide to the extent not only just bandages but in hospitals in the UK, they’re testing silver-impregnated disposable pyjamas. Silver is a very strong biocide, and it’s coming into its own there. The really interesting thing is that if any of these industrial uses take off and start consuming volumes of silver, they’re end uses that don’t generate recycling – so you’re not going to have a problem with the photographic industry where the silver went in and then it came back. This silver will go into the smoke stacks and then all disappear – you’re not going to recycle bandages, pyjamas, radio identification tags, and wood preservatives. That’s physically impossible. So once the metal has gone into these end uses it’s gone, which is a very refreshing change from the usual.

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