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Silver Price Explosion?

Does a silver price explosion lie just ahead?  Ben Davies, in an analysis prepared exclusively for, lays out a case for a silver price explosion.  Davies is CEO of Hinde Capital, London.

Although Davies sees trading opportunities, long-term buy and hold investors can take solace in Davies’ analysis.  If silver does enjoy a move still further higher in the near future, it should be a big enough move that silver would likely hold much of the gain.

Of special interest to silver investors will the seasonal graph of the price of silver.  Between September and April, silver enjoys its strongest upward seasonal moves.

Davies goes into the man’s historical fascination with silver and into the huge short silver positions held today by the bullion banks.  Although both topics have been covered many times by different analysts, Davies’ perspective is interesting in that he uses them to lay the ground work for a potential silver price explosion in the near future.

See Davies’ analysis on here.

Also on read James Turk’s views on silver price manipulation.  It’s not negative, as one might suspect.  Turk sees silver under massive accumulation.

3 Responses to “Silver Price Explosion?”

  1. james moylan

    I can remember the all time high for silver was 50 dollars an once in 1980. Silver is still well below its all time high compared to gold, which is 400 dollars above its all time high in 1980 of 1000 dollars a ounce. Silver still looks pretty cheap here.

    • Bill Haynes

      I agree. Silver is cheap, but the $50 high in 1980 is not relevent. Silver is cheap relative to gold; it is cheap relative to other commodities, and it is especially cheap relative to the abundance of fiat currencies that have been printed since 1980.


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