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Silver News tidbits

The second quarter Silver News, a Silver Institute quarterly report covering recent and on-going developments in silver, is interesting reading and yields some tasty morsels for silver investors.

Here are a few:

2006 was the fifth consecutive year that industrial applications posted a gain in total silver demand. Total industrial demand exceeded in 2006, for the first time, 50% of total global fabrication demand.

New anti-microbial flooring for the food industry has been introduced. The flooring emits silver ions that suppress microbial growth, including some or the really nasty bacteria, resulting in cleaner food preparation areas.

Want pollution-free electricity? If only 1% of the world’s sunbelt deserts were dedicated to silver-coated solar reflector systems, they would generate enough power to meet all of the world’s energy needs

Silver demand for the jewelry industry was 171.8 million ounces, versus 164.8 million ounces for photography. While 60% of the silver used for photography is reclaimed, relatively little silver jewelry is recycled. (Between the two uses, about 270 million ounces are lost annually.)

In nine states, fifteen correctional facilities are using a new hard-service disinfectant containing silver dihydrogen citrate to control Staph infections.

With all the new industrial applications being developed for silver, it is likely that from now on industrial demand will exceed 50% of total global fabrication demand. This is a significant development that should cause those investors who like to look at supply/demand statistics to become even more bullish on silver.

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