Friday, April 20th, 2018 MST

Silver Coins

1-oz American Silver Eagles are the most popular government-minted 1-oz silver coins, with more than 200 million having been sold since their introduction in 1986. Running a distant second are the Royal Canadian Mint’s 1-oz Silver Maple Leafs.

Growing in popularity are the Perth Mint’s 1-oz Kangaroos and the Austrian Mint’s 1-oz Silver Philharmonics.

Despite the Silver Eagles carrying higher premiums than other government mint issued 1-oz pure silver coins, sales of Silver Eagles dwarf the sales of its competitors.

Pre-1965 US 90% silver coins, commonly called “junk silver coins” because they carry no numismatic (collector) value, are a popular way to invest in silver coins. Junk silver coins come in bags of dimes, quarters and half-dollars.

1-oz silver rounds are sometimes called “Privately minted silver coins,” but they are not coins. Coins are minted by governments and have face values, such as the $1 face value on Silver Eagles and the .25 cent value on quarters. Still, silver rounds are popular with silver investors.

Silver coins in IRAs

For silver coins to be eligible for IRAs, they must be at least .999 fine, which means that American Silver Eagles, Silver Maple Leafs, Silver Kangaroos and Silver Philharmonics are eligible for IRAs. Junk silver coins are not.

To learn more about setting up a self-directed IRA that accepts  silver products, read Putting Gold and Silver in IRAs.

How to buy silver coins

For more information about how to buy silver coins from CMI Gold & Silver Inc., see Doing Business with CMIGS. If you are interested in selling your silver coins (or any silver bullion), visit selling silver and silver to CMIGS.

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For unique forms of silver, see our Silver Specials Page.  Often, standard silver items can be found there.