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Seasonal graph says it’s time to buy silver

It is always difficult to know when to invest. However, the graph provides guidelines for silver investors.

30 year silver seasonal graph

The graph is seasonal, based on thirty years’ silver prices. January’s first trading day close is adjusted to 100, and subsequent prices are adjusted accordingly.

As can be seen, on the average, early January is the best time to buy, early May is the time to sell. Note also that June is a low point, but that late October/early November is still lower (but not much).

Should investors buy now, or wait until late October/early November to see if prices are still lower? I say they should buy now.

The US Treasury is low on funds and is expected to run out by August/September. The national debt is up against the debt limit ceiling, so before the Treasury can sell more bonds Congress must raise the debt ceiling.

For some time, I’ve been harping on the news media’s failure to cover the nation’s real problems. Instead, they keep talking about alleged ties between Trump’s people and Russia. When they turn to the battle that most assuredly will take place over raising the debt ceiling, the American people will be brought back to reality. We face some very serious financial problems in this country.

For investors looking to buy silver, I suggest they move now. Prices are low, right on the seasonal pattern. There is no guarantee that prices will be this low again this year.

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