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Ron Paul T-Shirts

Ron Paul 2012Political pundits remain amazed at 76-year old Ron Paul’s appeal to America’s youth. When he goes to college campuses, students show up in groves. A couple of years ago, his flight from Houston to Phoenix was weather-delayed for hours, but when he arrived at ASU thousands still waited to hear him speak.

At the final GOP presidential debate in Mesa, over a thousand youth, who could not afford to pay to attend the debate, waited at a church for Ron Paul to make a personal appearance. Ron Paul did not disappoint, showing up and delivering a basic talk on liberty, freedom, no wars (unless Congressionally-declared) and a reduction in government spending. The crowd went wild.

Ron Paul is so popular that he could have his own clothing line. Actually, he almost does as multiple websites offer Ron Paul shirts, T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, sweatshirts and hoodies. The latest line of Ron Paul t-shirts proudly proclaims Ron Paul is my Home Boy. Stickers are also available.

Ron Paul T-ShirtsRon Paul is my Home Boy T-shirts and stickers can be bought at  5% of all sales of Ron Paul items will be donated to Campaign for Liberty, which sprang from Ron Paul’s 2008 run for the GOP presidential nomination.

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