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Ron Paul interviews Bill Haynes

Ron Paul recently interviewed Bill Haynes, CMI Gold & Silver Inc. president, for the Ron and Bill discussed the gold industry, the right forms of gold to buy and developments that affect the precious metals market.



While it is unlikely that anyone reading this does not know about Ron Paul, it should be noted that although Ron’s formal education was in medicine, he has a deep understanding of Austrian economics and has long been an advocate for gold as money.

Appointed by President Reagan, Ron sat on the 1982 U.S. Gold Commission, which was to explore what role gold should play in our monetary system. Unfortunately, the Commission was loaded with monetarists and paper money advocates, resulting in a negative conclusion by the Commission.

However, Ron Paul and Lew Lehrman wrote a brilliant minority rebuttal to the official conclusion. Their work was published as The Case for Gold, which became a powerful treatise on why gold should be part of our monetary system. Download a free PDF copy here.


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