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Ron Paul II

In my December 12, 2007 article Only Ron Paul, I asserted that of the presidential candidates only Ron Paul had the economic understanding to deal with the subprime mess. Now, I present more evidence that Ron Paul is the man to deal with the impending recession. The medicine, however, would be bitter, but the results would be long-lasting. Ron Paul would call for a return to the gold standard.

In 1985, Ron Paul presented a paper to the Mises’ Institute conference on the gold standard: The Political and Economic Agenda for a Real Gold Standard. Nearly 23 years ago, Ron Paul exhibited his grasp of the Austrian Theory of Money and the need for a return to the gold standard. Since 1985, we have seen the devastating results of not being on the gold standard: inflation and the destruction of the dollar as the world’s sole reserve currency.

Because returning to the gold standard seems anachronistic to most Americans (because they do not understand the gold standard and the concept of money), implementing the ideas of Ludwig von Mises, which Paul discusses in his 1985 paper, would be next to impossible. However, Ron Paul discusses another tactic to return to the gold standard, a tactic which should be of interest to gold and silver investors.

Paul asserts that the popularity of gold coins “have shown us that it is possible to adopt another tactic, that of getting gold coins into circulation prior to setting a new par value for the dollar.” (Par value for the dollar meaning the dollar’s conversion rate into gold [and maybe silver.])

In other words, the people would lead the “leaders” in returning to the gold standard. As more and more people turn to gold as protection against inflation and its inevitable result, a declining dollar, they adopt gold as their standard investment. Eventually, our “leaders” will see the handwriting on the wall and return to gold. Returning to the gold standard would be much less painful for the nation if Ron Paul were president. The other candidates, steeped in statist economic theories, would fight returning to the gold standard.

Paul’s piece is an educating read. If you do not grasp all of it, don’t worry. Just by reading Paul’s paper you will inherently know that now is the time to invest in gold and silver.