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Premiums shrink on price increases

Premiums on the popular precious metals products are shrinking as prices climb higher. Many holders of gold bullion coins are choosing to sell into this rally, while buying is somewhat stiffled, resulting in the declinging premiums.

Gold Eagles and Krugerrands, the two most popular gold bullion cions in the US, are abundantly available in the secondary market. (Rands, for decades, have been available only in the secondary market, while GEs are cheaper in the secondary makret than from US Mint authorozed wholesalers when there are more GEs sellers than buyers, as it the case now.) It is the silver market, however, where shrinking premiums are more evident.

Bags of “junk” silver coins can now be bought below spot, and 100-oz silver bars at .20 over spot in quantities of ten or more. Generic silver rounds are selling at .30 over (1,000 or more).

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