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Perth Mint 1 oz Platinum Platypus

Australian Platinum Platypus 1-oz bullion coins are produced by the prestigious Perth Mint.  The coins are .9995 platinum and were first produced in 2011, when the Perth Mint re-entered the platinum bullion market.  Previously, the Perth Mint had produced Koala platinum coins, but discontinued them when the price of platinum soared well above the price of gold and investor interest waned.  Now, the Platypus coins are the only platinum coins the Mint produces for the billion market.

The 1-oz Platinum Platypus is a legal tender coin with a value of $100 Australian dollars.  However, the coins sell for the value of their platinum content plus a small bullion premium comparable to 1-oz bullion gold coins.

Although smaller Platypus coins are produced, they are available only through collector sites.  The 1-oz Platypus coins are usually available, but carry higher premiums than the 1-oz Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs and 1-oz platinum billion bars.

The obverse (front) of the coins carries an image of Queen Elizabeth II, as do all Australian legal tender coins.  (This is true for Canadian legal tender coins as well.)

The reverse (back) has an image of the duck-billed Platypus, which are unique to Australia and are nearly as iconic to Australia as the Koala.  The reverse of the coins clearly show the year minted, 1-oz and .9995 platinum.  The coins have reeded edges.

Buying Platinum Platypus coins

1-oz Platinum Platypus bullion coins are generally available, but as noted above, they carry higher premiums than do the 1-oz Platinum Maple Leafs and 1-oz bullion platinum bars.

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