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Old U.S. Gold Products We Sell

Circulated Old U.S. Gold

Product VF XF AU BU
$1 Type I VF216.30 XF231.75 AU247.20 BU283.25
$1 Type II VF381.10 XF422.30 AU458.35 BU1163.90
$1 Type III VF267.80 XF272.95 AU293.55 BU334.75
$2 1/2 Liberty VF303.85 XF345.05 AU370.80 BU432.60
$2 1/2 Indian VF298.70 XF329.60 AU381.10 BU442.90
$3 Gold VF772.50 XF901.25 AU952.75 BU1648.00
$5 Liberty VF530.45 XF566.50 AU566.50 BU602.55
$5 Indian VF551.05 XF566.50 AU576.80 BU633.45
$10 Liberty VF1039.27 XF1075.32 AU1075.32 BU1090.77
$10 Indian VF1065.02 XF1070.17 AU1111.37 BU1121.67
$20 Liberty VF2089.87 XF2131.07 AU2131.07 BU2198.02
$20 High Relief VF7725.00 XF8858.00 AU10763.50 BU13081.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens VF2100.17 XF2136.22 AU2136.22 BU2192.87

Mint State Old U.S. Gold

Product MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65
$1 Type I MS61298.70 MS62314.15 MS63437.75 MS64607.70 MS651508.95
$1 Type II MS611158.75 MS621699.50 MS633502.00 MS646283.00 MS6522145.00
$1 Type III MS61350.20 MS62375.95 MS63499.55 MS64602.55 MS65824.00
$2 1/2 Liberty MS61442.90 MS62453.20 MS63478.95 MS64504.70 MS65767.35
$2 1/2 Indian MS61448.05 MS62473.80 MS63540.75 MS64638.60 MS651302.95
$3 Gold MS611658.30 MS621879.75 MS632755.25 MS643759.50 MS658034.00
$5 Liberty MS61618.00 MS62648.90 MS63674.65 MS64798.25 MS651390.50
$5 Indian MS61654.05 MS62746.75 MS63968.20 MS641673.75 MS656077.00
$10 Liberty MS611112.40 MS621153.60 MS631189.65 MS641344.15 MS652266.00
$10 Indian MS611138.15 MS621163.90 MS631272.05 MS641416.25 MS652678.00
$20 Liberty MS612276.30 MS622384.45 MS632523.50 MS642806.75 MS653193.00
$20 High Relief MS6111587.50 MS6212102.50 MS6314677.50 MS6419312.50 MS6532445.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens MS612276.30 MS622307.20 MS632358.70 MS642482.30 MS652739.80
$20 Saint-Gaudens No Motto MS612276.30 MS622307.20 MS632369.00 MS642482.30 MS652739.80

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