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These prices are based upon the spot gold price of:

Old U.S. Gold Products We Sell

Circulated Old U.S. Gold

Product VF XF AU BU
$1 Type I VF211.15 XF231.75 AU236.90 BU293.55
$1 Type II VF355.35 XF396.55 AU473.80 BU1236.00
$1 Type III VF247.20 XF257.50 AU262.65 BU324.45
$2 1/2 Liberty VF272.95 XF303.85 AU324.45 BU365.65
$2 1/2 Indian VF252.35 XF267.80 AU272.95 BU360.50
$3 Gold VF787.95 XF927.00 AU968.20 BU1699.50
$5 Liberty VF361.53 XF376.98 AU376.98 BU431.57
$5 Indian VF400.67 XF410.97 AU416.12 BU498.52
$10 Liberty VF715.85 XF734.39 AU734.39 BU749.84
$10 Indian VF744.69 XF754.99 AU785.89 BU796.19
$20 Liberty VF1425.52 XF1454.36 AU1454.36 BU1474.96
$20 High Relief VF7725.00 XF8858.00 AU10763.50 BU13596.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens VF1432.73 XF1454.36 AU1454.36 BU1474.96

Mint State Old U.S. Gold

Product MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65
$1 Type I MS61293.55 MS62293.55 MS63417.15 MS64618.00 MS651632.55
$1 Type II MS611236.00 MS621828.25 MS633965.50 MS646798.00 MS6523175.00
$1 Type III MS61334.75 MS62360.50 MS63484.10 MS64592.25 MS65875.50
$2 1/2 Liberty MS61370.80 MS62370.80 MS63396.55 MS64442.90 MS65705.55
$2 1/2 Indian MS61375.95 MS62381.10 MS63412.00 MS64571.65 MS651251.45
$3 Gold MS611756.15 MS621982.75 MS632884.00 MS643862.50 MS658034.00
$5 Liberty MS61453.20 MS62463.50 MS63473.80 MS64592.25 MS651375.05
$5 Indian MS61509.85 MS62545.90 MS63829.15 MS641519.25 MS656334.50
$10 Liberty MS61762.20 MS62782.80 MS63808.55 MS641030.00 MS652060.00
$10 Indian MS61813.70 MS62818.85 MS63880.65 MS641102.10 MS652492.60
$20 Liberty MS611488.35 MS621508.95 MS631565.60 MS641673.75 MS652446.25
$20 High Relief MS6114111.00 MS6214317.00 MS6319055.00 MS6421887.50 MS6536565.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens MS611488.35 MS621514.10 MS631529.55 MS641565.60 MS651699.50
$20 Saint-Gaudens No Motto MS611488.35 MS621514.10 MS631529.55 MS641570.75 MS651714.95

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