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Monday, November 29th, 2021 MST

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Old U.S. Gold Products We Sell

Circulated Old U.S. Gold

Product VF XF AU BU
$1 Type I VF257.25 XF278.25 AU294.00 BU362.25
$1 Type II VF388.50 XF430.50 AU477.75 BU1186.50
$1 Type III VF299.25 XF315.00 AU325.50 BU409.50
$2 1/2 Liberty VF451.50 XF477.75 AU488.25 BU561.75
$2 1/2 Indian VF441.00 XF472.50 AU488.25 BU519.75
$3 Gold VF866.25 XF1023.75 AU1102.50 BU2310.00
$5 Liberty VF552.30 XF568.05 AU568.05 BU620.55
$5 Indian VF667.80 XF699.30 AU736.05 BU825.30
$10 Liberty VF974.40 XF1011.15 AU1011.15 BU1068.90
$10 Indian VF1189.65 XF1273.65 AU1289.40 BU1299.90
$20 Liberty VF1956.15 XF2005.50 AU2005.50 BU2042.25
$20 High Relief VF7980.00 XF9082.50 AU10290.00 BU12600.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens VF1956.15 XF2010.75 AU2010.75 BU2042.25

Mint State Old U.S. Gold

Product MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65
$1 Type I MS61383.25 MS62414.75 MS63577.50 MS64756.00 MS651627.50
$1 Type II MS611496.25 MS622021.25 MS634200.00 MS647192.50 MS6522575.00
$1 Type III MS61430.50 MS62472.50 MS63635.25 MS64756.00 MS65955.50
$2 1/2 Liberty MS61577.50 MS62593.25 MS63666.75 MS64750.75 MS65918.75
$2 1/2 Indian MS61535.50 MS62551.25 MS63677.25 MS64824.25 MS651627.50
$3 Gold MS612572.50 MS623045.00 MS634620.00 MS645565.00 MS6510762.50
$5 Liberty MS61640.50 MS62661.50 MS63714.00 MS64903.00 MS651905.75
$5 Indian MS61850.50 MS62913.50 MS631092.00 MS641848.00 MS658452.50
$10 Liberty MS611092.00 MS621107.75 MS631212.75 MS641690.50 MS652782.50
$10 Indian MS611317.75 MS621328.25 MS631344.00 MS641643.25 MS653097.50
$20 Liberty MS612073.75 MS622121.00 MS632289.00 MS642530.50 MS654567.50
$20 High Relief MS6113912.50 MS6214437.50 MS6318900.00 MS6424150.00 MS6537800.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens MS612073.75 MS622084.25 MS632094.75 MS642273.25 MS652504.25
$20 Saint-Gaudens No Motto MS612073.75 MS622084.25 MS632094.75 MS642273.25 MS652504.25

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