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Old U.S. Gold Products We Sell

Circulated Old U.S. Gold

Product VF XF AU BU
$1 Type I VF220.50 XF241.50 AU257.25 BU288.75
$1 Type II VF388.50 XF430.50 AU467.25 BU1186.50
$1 Type III VF278.25 XF283.50 AU299.25 BU341.25
$2 1/2 Liberty VF367.50 XF399.00 AU420.00 BU456.75
$2 1/2 Indian VF357.00 XF372.75 AU383.25 BU462.00
$3 Gold VF787.50 XF918.75 AU971.25 BU1680.00
$5 Liberty VF499.80 XF535.50 AU535.50 BU582.75
$5 Indian VF535.50 XF540.75 AU561.75 BU651.00
$10 Liberty VF966.00 XF1019.55 AU1019.55 BU1035.30
$10 Indian VF1009.05 XF1014.30 AU1056.30 BU1077.30
$20 Liberty VF1941.45 XF1991.85 AU1991.85 BU2075.85
$20 High Relief VF7875.00 XF8872.50 AU9922.50 BU13335.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens VF1950.90 XF2002.35 AU2002.35 BU2075.85

Mint State Old U.S. Gold

Product MS61 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65
$1 Type I MS61304.50 MS62315.00 MS63446.25 MS64624.75 MS651538.25
$1 Type II MS611181.25 MS621732.50 MS633570.00 MS646405.00 MS6522575.00
$1 Type III MS61346.50 MS62378.00 MS63498.75 MS64614.25 MS65840.00
$2 1/2 Liberty MS61472.50 MS62477.75 MS63493.50 MS64535.50 MS65787.50
$2 1/2 Indian MS61462.00 MS62488.25 MS63556.50 MS64661.50 MS651359.75
$3 Gold MS611706.25 MS621926.75 MS632808.75 MS643832.50 MS658190.00
$5 Liberty MS61619.50 MS62635.25 MS63687.75 MS64829.50 MS651464.75
$5 Indian MS61677.25 MS62798.00 MS631023.75 MS641701.00 MS656352.50
$10 Liberty MS611060.50 MS621092.00 MS631181.25 MS641538.25 MS652378.25
$10 Indian MS611113.00 MS621181.25 MS631254.75 MS641606.50 MS652824.50
$20 Liberty MS6112584.25 MS622157.75 MS632357.25 MS642709.00 MS653381.00
$20 High Relief MS6112705.00 MS6212915.00 MS6314962.50 MS6419687.50 MS6533075.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens MS612084.25 MS622089.50 MS632110.50 MS642215.50 MS652541.00
$20 Saint-Gaudens No Motto MS612084.25 MS622089.50 MS632131.50 MS642215.50 MS652541.00

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