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Old U.S. gold coins at really low prices

As this is written, our Gold Specials Page has XF-grade $5 Liberty Head gold coins at the incredibly low price of 5% over spot, meaning 5% over the value of their gold content. By incredibly low, I mean compared with historical prices, with competitors’ prices and with comparable coins’ prices.


A year ago, the WHOLESALE price of $5 Libs was 13% over spot. Two years ago, they were 29% over spot; five years ago, they were 13% over spot. WHOLESALE.

Two of our major competitors have XF $5 Libs (at this time) at 15% and 18% over spot.

A comparable coin comparison: A $5 Liberty contains 0.2419 ounce of gold. We offer them at 5% over spot. A one-quarter oz. Gold Eagle sells at about 10% over spot and have never reached the premiums that $5 Libs have achieved.

$5 Liberty Heads are classified in the coin industry as “old U.S. gold coins,” which are frequently promoted as collectibles. They carry high premiums when the gold market is hot.

The gold market is not hot right now. In fact, it’s cold, and that’s why old U.S. gold coins now carry such low premiums. I wrote about this here: Don’t miss this opportunity to buy old U.S. gold coins and here: Time to buy old U.S. gold coins.

Our Gold Specials Page lists other products, some old U.S. gold coins, some modern bullion coins, and some bars, all at low premiums. With what’s developing geopolitically, now may be an opportune time to take advantage of both low metals prices and low premiums.

Our Silver Specials Page also has some attractive silver offerings. Call us at 800-528-1380 if you want to learn more about our specials.

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