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Mises Phoenix Seminar Review

The seminar was as stimulating and informative as expected.  What surprised me was the humor with which most speakers delivered such important and grave messages.  The seminar also was as well-run as I expected.

The talks can be downloaded from the Mises website. The links are provided below.  Further, CDs will be available at a later date, and the Mises website says that the talks can be found on iTunes.  (That’s for readers who know how to use iTunes!)

Although all speakers delivered on-target messages, Doug French’s talk that compared our Fed Head Ben Bernanke to Zimbabwe’s central bank “governor,” Gideon Gono was delightful.  It seems that central bankers worldwide never want to take responsibility for their actions.  Gono, according to French, blames the weather for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe hyper-inflating the Zimbabwe dollar.

While listening, I could not help but think of Alan Greenspan’s denial that the Fed’s 1% discount rate under his leadership was not responsible for the housing crisis.

The Command Economy: Surging Forward into the Past by Charles Goyette

How Bernanke Is Using the Printing Press to Win Friends and Influence People by Robert P. Murphy

The Cultural Upheaval of Loose Money by Jeffrey A. Tucker

War and Inflation: Financing the Empire by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Bernanke and Gono: Modern Central Bankers by Doug French

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