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1998 Perth Mint Gold Tigers

1998 Perth Mint Gold Tigers

Gold bullion coins buyers have made The Perth Mint 1-oz Gold Tigers one of the more popular 1-oz gold coins in the Lunar Series. The 1998 Gold Tiger is the third coin of the Series. Production of the 1-oz Gold Tigers, as is the case with all the 1-oz gold coins of the Lunar Series, is limited to 30,000 coins. The production the cap has not been reached, meaning that Tigers are available at small markups over spot.

Like the 1996 Rat and the 1997 Ox, the obverse of the 1998 Tiger has the likeness of a young Queen Elizabeth, whereas the remaining coins in the 12-coin series carries (or will carry) an effigy of a mature Queen Elizabeth. The Lunar Series will end in 2007 with the year of the pig. All the gold coins in the Lunar Series are minted of 9999 fine gold, and each coin comes individually encapsulated in plastic protective capsules.

So far, the year 2000 1-oz Gold Dragons and the year 2002 1-oz Gold Horses are the only Lunar Series coins to reach the 30,000-coin production cap. However, CMI believes that precious metals are in a bull market that will run for years and that the Tiger and the other 1-oz gold coins in the Series will sell out.

It is reasonable to believe that as the 1-oz gold coins of the Lunar Series sell out, they will pick up premiums in the secondary market, based on what has happened to the two coins that have reached their 30,000-coin production cap. The year 2000 1-oz Gold Dragons sold out in 2002 and by 2004, when gold was trading in the low $400s, carried a $150 premium. The year 2002 1-oz Gold Horses sold out in October 2004 and immediately picked up a premium.

Coin collectors, who are used to paying big premiums on collector coins, will put premiums on the Lunar Series coins as they sell out. Although individual collectors may buy only one or two coins, there are millions of coin collectors worldwide. Because the Series is unique, and because The Perth Mint strikes such beautiful coins, collectors are attracted to the Series.

Gold bullion coin investors who buy the 1-oz Lunar Series gold coins while they are available at bullion coin prices stand to profit two ways: by an increase in the price of gold and by increases in premiums.

The popularity of animals, which are linked to the Lunar Calendar, adds to the appeal of the Lunar Series coins. Additionally, with China hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, millions of people will be drawn to things associated with the Chinese culture, such as the Lunar Calendar and the 1-oz gold coins. For a further discussion of The Perth Mint Lunar Series, read our Lunar Series Overview.

Other Tiger years include 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926, 1914, and 1902.

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