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1999 Perth Mint Gold Rabbits

1999 Perth Mint Gold Rabbits

The 1-oz Gold Rabbit is the fourth coin in The Perth Mint’s 12-coin Lunar Series. As is the case with all the 1-oz gold coins of the Lunar Series, production of the 1-oz Gold Rabbits will be limited to 30,000 coins. The production cap has not been reached, and Rabbits are available at small markups over spot.

All the gold coins in the Lunar Series are minted of 9999 fine gold, and each coin comes individually encapsulated in plastic protective capsules.

The obverses of the Lunar Series coins carry effigies of Queen Elizabeth. However, the 1999 Rabbits are the first coins in the Series to carry the present official likeness of the Queen, a mature Queen Elizabeth. The first three coins (the Rat, the Ox, and the Tiger) carry a younger version. The Rabbits and the remaining coins in the Series carry (or will carry) the mature version.

Gold bullion investors who go with the 1-oz Lunar Series gold coins could benefit two ways: by an increase in the price of gold and by premium increases on the coins as they reach their 30,000-coin production cap. Before buying any unlimited production gold bullion coins, gold coin buyers should read our Lunar Series Overview.

Other Rabbit years include 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, 1927, 1915, and 1903.

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