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1997 Perth Mint Gold Ox

1997 Perth Mint Gold Oxen

The 1997 1-oz Gold Ox gold investment bullion Lunar coin is the second coin in The Perth Mint’s Lunar Series. The obverse of the 1997 Ox gold investment bullion Lunar coin carries the effigy of a young Queen Elizabeth, which is the third official likeness of the Queen released by Buckingham Palace during her reign. The same effigy graces the obverses of the 1996 Rat and the 1998 Tiger.

In 1999, Australia adopted a more mature image of the Queen, one that Buckingham Palace had released in late 1997. This change resulted in the first three coins in the Lunar Series (the Rat, the Ox, and the Tiger) carrying a young version of Queen Elizabeth, while the remaining nine coins carry (or will carry, for the coins not yet minted) a mature likeness.

Production of the 1-oz Gold Oxs will be limited to 30,000, as is the case for all the 1-oz gold coins of the Lunar Series. All the gold coins in the Lunar Series are minted of .9999 fine gold, and each coin comes individually encapsulated in plastic protective capsules.

The popularity of the Lunar Series is growing, as evidenced by the year 2000 1-oz Gold Dragons and the year 2002 1-oz Gold Horses having reached their 30,000-coin production limits. CMIGS anticipates that all coins in the Series will sell out over the next few years.

Besides, 1997, other Ox years include 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937, 1925, 1913, and 1901.

For a further discussion of The Perth Mint Lunar Series, read our Lunar Series Overview. If you would like to discuss the Lunar Series or any aspect of investing in gold, call us a 1-800-528-1380.