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It’s time to buy the dips. . .

. . . not in stocks but in gold and silver.

Actually, it’s been the right move to buy dips in the metals since 2016.  But now the reasons for buying are evident.

*  Under the Trump administration, fedgov has exploded the national debt by nearly $7 trillion;

*  Fedgov national debt now stands at $26.47 trillion, up from $5.67 trillion in year 2000;

*  The Federal Reserve increased its balance sheet to $7 trillion from $4.7 trillion in February.  Remember, when the Fed buys assets, it does so with money created out of thin air;

*  If Biden becomes the next president, Modern Monetary Theory, which proclaims that government debt does not matter, could come into play;

*  Yet if Trump is re-elected, we’ve seen debt rise massively under his administration.  Remember, he is often called the King of Debt, meaning that he does not fear debt, and that we can expect more;

*  If Biden is elected, the Democrats have promised just about everything to be free: college educations, day care, Medicare for all, debt forgiveness for college loans, not to mention the trillions to be spend on the Green New Deal.

The list is not inclusive but is illustrative of what’s coming.

There’s an old saying in the stock market, and it applies just as well to gold and silver: The trend is your friend.  Once a trend gets started, go with it.  The trend I’m talking about a continuation of higher precious metals prices fueled by give-away programs, deficit spending, and money creation at the Fed.  It will take a disaster to stop these programs.  That disaster could be the collapse of the dollar, however far out in the future.

While any purchases made at these levels may see more dips before the metals go higher, still higher prices are in the future.

Now is the time to buy the dips in gold and silver.

9 Responses to “It’s time to buy the dips. . .”

  1. Bill Turnquist

    Trump should raise the price of Gold to $10,00./oz and eliminate the Fed Res. This would make our debt easier to pay off and would please other countries immensely as it would help them pay off their debt- not all but a lot of it. Credit to author Adam Baratta. In his treatise “The GREAT Devaluation” Wiley.

  2. L. A.

    So, exactly who is manipulating silver prices and reaping the millions? Buying the dips (and selling the peaks?) would be great if there were a chance of the proverbial snowball that one could execute a timely trade!

  3. Randy Moudry

    My question; will Basel III help stop the bullion banks? As I read it, Basel III is not mandatory and it appears that the bullion banks and other “manipulators”, will just keep on as parasites always do. I think that is validated by gold and silver today, 06/28/21, not much change and the miners are retreating as well.

  4. RK_in_TX

    Hi Bill,
    Based on old charts that I just looked up, at the time you initially posted this blog entry entitled “IT’S TIME TO BUY THE DIPS,” gold was roughly $1,900/tr. oz. Since then, as the months have passed, gold wobbled around in price and fell to below $1,700/tr. oz (in early and then again late March 2020), and now, as I type this, it’s at about $1811/tr. oz. So in hindsight, I suppose the $1,700 prices were a “dip.” Would you say that the present price is also in a dip? How can we ever really know we are in a dip before it is too late to buy during the dip?

    • Bill Haynes

      I continue to believe that buying the dips in gold and silver is a solid investment strategy. Especially, with all the fedgov spending being proposed.


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