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Is My Gold Real? How to Spot Fake Gold Bars

fake gold bars

Fake gold is becoming ever prevalent in the gold industry and the overall economy. With such an abundance of fake gold, it can be difficult to distinguish between authentic and fake gold bars.

To avoid getting scammed, we’ve found all you need to know to figure out if your gold bar is counterfeit or authentic. That way, you can spot fake gold instantly and avoid investing errors.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at authenticating gold bars.

Test the Weight

Every gold bar has its weight etched into the side and is either indicated in grams or ounces. In the US and other countries, lying about the bars exact weight is illegal.

However, a common way to make counterfeit gold is to fill the gold bar with a less valuable metal. In doing so, the weight of the bar will be slightly off the advertised amount.

To test the authenticity of the gold, measure the bar using an electronic scale, and if the weight matches, then the gold bar is real. Although, if the weight is off, even slightly, the gold bar is fake.

Check the Markings

Similar to an original art piece, an authentic gold bar will have markings from the company that produced it. Carefully review the producer’s markings and compare them to the gold in question.

If the gold is authentic, all markings should be identical in size, shape, and font. Fake markings often resemble the original closely, so make sure you compare any slight differences you notice.

Checking the gold’s markings is becoming a crucial part of authenticating gold. More and more fake gold is entered into the market because of its similar but not identical markings. Learning to compare and contrast markings effectively will help you determine if your gold is real or fake.

Perform the Ceramic Test

The ceramic test is straightforward and requires no other materials than an unglazed ceramic plate and the gold bar in question. To perform the test, slowly drag the gold bar over the plate, applying a small amount of pressure.

The gold bar is real if you see a gold mark on the plate. However, if you see a light or dark black mark, then you have a fake gold bar.

Worried You Have Fake Gold Bars? Do These Tests Today

The number of fake gold bars has undoubtedly increased in recent years. Before buying any type of gold, always test its weight, check its markings, or perform a ceramic test. These tests will help you determine if the gold is authentic or counterfeit.

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