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In case you’re wondering. . .

. . . just how much individual families will receive from the recently passed $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill, here is what a married couple earning $150,000 with 2 children will receiv:

  • Six checks at $1,400 each: $8,400;
  • Two childcare credits at $3,600 each: $7,200;
  • Two child credits at $3,000 each: $6,000;
  • Total walking around money: $21,600

Note that a couple making $150,000 a year puts them in the top 15% of households.  The couple did not have to suffer any loss of income to receive the $21,600.  As for the balance of the $1.9 trillion bill, it will go primarily into pork barrel spending, such as bailing out blue states.

Further, The Economist recently ran an article estimating that “the world’s consumers” have an extra $3 trillion, which they saved during the COVID lockdowns.  Had the pandemic not happened, The Economist estimates households would probably have stashed away $3 trillion in the first nine months of 2020. In fact, they saved $6 trillion.

So, how will these funds, “an extra $3 trillion,” be spent, along with the $925 billion the COVID stimulus bill is handing out.  And what if consumers spend more than the “extra $3 trillion?”  What if they dip into the $6 trillion they saved?

If these guesstimates are any where near accurate, there will be a lot of spending ahead.  Consumer goods, autos, new homes, and stocks.  And with all this spending, how can inflation be held back?  Certainly, inflation will over shoot the Fed’s target of 2%.

This is perfect financial climate to invest in gold and silver.

2 Responses to “In case you’re wondering. . .”

  1. Roger Morrison DC

    Hi Bill,
    I met Shannon at the Barrett Jackson Auction in Phoenix in March 2021. It is nice to put a face to a voice. Hey, I wanted to know your thoughts on what effect the Basel III regulations will have on gold and silver starting with the June 27, 2021 and January 1, 2022 deadlines. I think I should buy more silver before then, what do you think the price will do after these deadlines?
    Roger Morrison, DC

    • Bill Haynes

      Basically, Basel III will require banks to increase their reserves to avoid banking crises. As long as governments continue to print money, as we’re seeing the US, the ECU, Great Britain, and China, gold and silver should do quite well.


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