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How to package silver for shipment

Silver Bullion Ready to ShipWhen it comes time to seller your silver or gold, do not sell it too cheap.  Make sure you get full value.

Many CMIGS clients liquidate their holdings to coin shops in their areas because they do not want to go to the trouble of shipping their metals back to us, mistakenly believing that shipping precious metals is not safe, is difficult or is costly.  When selling locally, sellers often leave thousands of dollars on the table because small local dealers cannot match CMIGS’ bids for gold and silver products.  (We know this because sellers tell us what small shops offer.)

Some silver sellers seem especially reluctant to ship because of silver’s bulk and weight.   No way of getting around silver’s bulk and weight, but shipping silver to CMIGS is safe and packaging it is not difficult.  CMIGS has posted a slide show that details how to package your silver for shipment.Silver Bullion ready for shipping

We chose to do a slide show so that viewers can click through (and click back) in viewing.

View How to Ship Silver.

After viewing, please use the comment feature below if you feel so inclined.  We like to know what our clients think of our projects.  A shorter How to Ship Gold slide show is planned for the near future.

A final note: you do not need to have purchased your gold or silver from CMIGS to sell to CMIGS.  Daily, we buy gold and silver from investors who bought from other dealers.

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