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Gold/silver move east

As has been noted on this blog over the last three years, physical gold and silver are “moving east,” that is, going to Asia.

To further support this position, a Singapore retailer of coins and bars announced the opening a 600-ton silver vault, with capacity to hold $390 million in silver at current prices.  This facility follows a 200-ton vault opened last summer by a different firm. The 200-ton vault is now full.

As silver becomes cheaper relative to gold, i.e., the gold/silver ratio rises, now at 65, silver holds greater upside potential than gold.  In 2013, silver fell 36 percent while gold fell 28 percent.  Assets in exchange-traded products backed by silver rose 1.9 percent in 2014, climbing for a third year, as gold holdings were little changed.  Investors who can handle silver’s bulk and weight should seriously consider silver at these prices.

In the United States, the US Mint’s 1-oz Silver Eagles remain hugely popular, with more than 200 million having been sold.  Other investor favorites are 100-oz .999 silver bars and 1-oz silver rounds.


One Response to “Gold/silver move east”

  1. bill mcintosh

    Bill-fascinating post-with trends like this you feel lots of reason to buy silver bars, coins and rounds. I hope to soon see a SILVER MART page on your website with numerous types of packages and prices to capitalize on this great moment to invest in physical silver.


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