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Is there any gold in Fort Knox?

US For Knox GoldLast week, the History Channel’s series Decoded, took on the question of whether Fort Knox actually contains any gold.  It is available on Youtube in three parts, in case you missed it.  Admittedly I had pretty low expectations for the mainstream media’s treatment of the topic.  Of course the question is never answered, but by the time it was over I was reasonably impressed at to how well they managed to communicate the crux of the issue at hand.  Namely that our entire economic and financial systems are kept afloat by nothing more than confidence that the dollar will hold some future value. Confidence that would likely be shattered if it were revealed that the United States was not the largest holder of gold in the world.

It was interesting to watch the progression of reactions by the hosts as they gradually came to understand the precarious nature of our current situation.  What initially began as quirky bemusement in reaction to claims of gold market rigging by GATA’s Chris Powell, eventually transform into a round table discussion in which they voice genuine fear and concern over the implications of the missing gold.

It’s good to see the topic being presented to the public, because the problem, and solution, are easily grasped by even the most casual observer.  If the gold exists then show us.  What could be simpler?  The fact that there exists a clandestine body of control that steadfastly refuses any oversight, begs the question:  What are they hiding?

2 Responses to “Is there any gold in Fort Knox?”

  1. Wuzzy Warbler

    I’m speechless!! If there isn’t any gold, then who sold it, under who’s authority and where’s the worthless fiat money that was exchanged for it? This is the biggest story that will never be told, like JFK’s assassination. Evidence that was supposed to be released in 2000 and was reclassified until ??

  2. Joseph

    I think we sent all the gold in Fort Knox to China, and China seems to send us all their lead in the form of toys. I like to invest around 20% of my portfolio in physical gold. When the crap hits the fan. I will have something to barter with. Gold will always be needed for things like electronics and purification processes now and in the future. If it were up to me. I would go back to the time when money was based off of precious metals like gold and silver.


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