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Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 MST

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Gold Eagle/Silver Eagle sales down; gold/silver ratio favors silver

The US Mint reported that Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle sales through the first seven months of 2014 were down significantly as compared with 2013 sales for the same period.  Dorothy Kosich, writing for, concluded: Investors’ lack of interest in gold and silver is being blamed for a substantial decline in American Eagle coin sales in July.

American Silver Eagle

Obviously, a lack of interest resulted in reduced sales.  But, what’s not mentioned in her article is that reduced sales and slow buying periods for the metals often come at market bottoms.

It is also true that huge buying volumes often occur at market tops.

Gold Eagle sales through July totaled 296,000 ounces, down 56.4% from the same period of last year when 679,500 ounces were sold. It is the slowest start through the first seven months of the year since 2008.

Silver Eagle sales totaled 26,103,500 ounces through July, down from the 29,450,000 sold through July last year.  Whereas Gold Eagles sales during the same period last year fell 56.4%, Silver Eagle sales slipped only 11%.

With the gold/silver ratio at 65, it makes sense to buy silver instead of gold—if you can handle silver’s bulk and weight.

2 Responses to “Gold Eagle/Silver Eagle sales down; gold/silver ratio favors silver”

  1. CJ rice

    You criticise Ngc and PGCS FOR grading modern coins….most of which should be a 69 or 70, You make an excellent point. Thank you. Now, I know you need to live in the real world, but don’t you think that then selling the same on your website is questionable….I would be interested re your thinking… Thank you

    • Bill Haynes

      CJ, you make a good point except that we offer the PCGS- and NGC-graded coins at bullion prices, not the highly-inflated prices that telemarketers promote them. Further, many of the telemarketers — despite what they say — will not buy back the coins they sell. By buying such coins from investors — not from wholesalers who submit to PCGS and NGC — and offering the coins on our specials pages, we provide liquidity to the graded coin market.


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