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Saturday, November 26th, 2022 MST

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GFMS Survey sees higher prices for palladium

Although precious metals, platinum and palladium have never functioned as money.  Still, many analysts consider them to be suitable hedges against a decline in the dollar.  According to the latest GFMS Platinum & Palladium Survey, palladium has much more favorable fundamentals than platinum.

Whereas the supply of platinum is in surplus, palladium is seen as being in a fairly substantial deficit, so says the GFMS report.  Palladium is expected to remain in deficit for 2014.

GFMS sees palladium as having already bottomed in 2014, with robust demand expected to propel the price towards a test of $930 before year-end. GFMS’ average forecast for palladium is 2014 is $793/oz, a gain of 9% over the 2013 average of $725.

Lawrence Williams of posted a lengthy review of the GFMS survey.  Investors who are interested in palladium should read it.

Several mints and refineries produce palladium products for the retail physicals market.  The Royal Canadian Mint is the most active, with their Palladium Maple Leafs.  PAMP 1-oz, 10-oz bars and kilo bars generally are readily available.

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