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Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 MST

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Gold bull still bullish

Despite having publicly declared his bullishness on gold when it was trading below $300, Frank Giustra is still bullish on gold at the present levels. In case you do not know who Frank Giustra is, he comes with extraordinary credentials. Precious metals investors need to listen when he speaks.

Frank Giustra founded Lionsgate Films, but more important to precious metals investors he is the genius behind numerous resource companies—most notably Wheaton River Minerals, Silver Wheaton, Petro Rubiales and Urasia Energy. In 2002, he moved heavily into gold and published, “A Tarnished Dollar Will Put the Shine on Gold.” Today, gold remains the largest investment in his portfolio.

Giustra was recently interviewed by Tommy Humphreys on CEO.CA. For Humphreys’ summary of the interview, read A Billionaire’s Bet on Inflation. The link also includes a 44-minute video of the interview. If you have any doubts that big money is moving into gold, this interview will dispel them.

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