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Fed + Treasury = Inflation

A long-time client, and successful commodities trader I add, sent the below:

The following comments come from a Merrill Lynch publication today.

“To repeat our Mantra:
1) Whatever MUST happen, WILL happen.
2) In a debt crisis, inflation is the ONLY solution.
3) The FED + US Treasury can create inflation.
4) As such, there WILL be Inflation.

In this light, we will remind you that whenever you hear someone whisper to you that “It is different this time,” we urge you to grab your wallet and run. It is never truly different, only the flavor and the timing have been altered. Concurrently, we will note that “Pigs can fly, when shot out of a large enough cannon”.

As such, the ability of the FED+US Government to simultaneously print money and lower interest rates can only end in tears. If this were NOT the case, then Zimbabwe would be a paradise and the Weimar Republic would still exist.”
If I have read and understood this message correctly, I believe it suggests HARD ASSETS are the things to own. I believe this so I am adding HARD ASSETS during periods of weakness, such as we have this week.

Always do you own due diligence.

One Response to “Fed + Treasury = Inflation”

  1. Robert

    Nice site. Good post. The Fed and company think they can print all that money without inflation? They must be crazy!


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