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Myth 5: The Fed had President John F. Kennedy killed

According to Mark Hamrick, economist, there is an accepted theory by Fed critics that the Fed had JFK killed.  The only reason for Hamrick to comment on this is to paint all Fed critics as “whacko birds,” to use a John McCain pejorative.  No serious Fed critics, such as former Congressman Ron Paul, his son Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and the economists and historians at, have ever suggested that the Fed had President Kennedy killed.

However, serious critics of the Fed do lament that destructive money creation policies of the Fed, which is a universal argument against all central banks.  Further, Fed critics decry the lack of transparency, for which they call for a genuine audit of the Fed’s purchases and holdings.  They would also like to have the Fed’s gold holdings properly audited, something that has not happened since the Eisenhower administration.

Suggesting that Fed critics had JFK assassinated is a ploy to keep from discussing the real flaws of the Fed (and central banking).

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