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Democrats becoming “Blue Republicans” to support Ron Paul in 2012

blue republicanOne of Gerald Celente’s predictions has been for the rise of a “progressive libertarian” movement in the United States; wherein members of both the left and the right, who have been abandoned by Washington DC, join forces. Robin Koerner, a Democrat, and Obama voter in 2008, has written a superb piece for the Huffington Post, which seems to have struck a chord with alienated Democrats. He has put forth a particularly convincing argument that, Democrats who truly believe in the cause of peace and personal liberty, are compelled to vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

But what is particularly savvy about Mr. Koerner’s article is that he understands the real fight for Ron Paul is not in a potential general election, but in the Republican primaries. For Ron Paul is just as much an outsider, and foe of the so called neocons, as they are. Take a look at this recent graphic posted on The Morning Joe as an example of just how much the GOP establishment fears Ron Paul. Even though Dr. Paul would rank #2 on this list, he isn’t even presented to the American public as being a candidate. shows more than $4 million raised second quarter.

media blackout against Ron Paul

Mr. Koener’s argument is that we have reached the point where we must look beyond the traditional labels of Republican and Democrats, and vote for principles. He points out the Dr. Paul is really a Libertarian who understands that, in a two party duopoly, you must use the system to your advantage. To that end, he is is encouraging Democrats to do the same. And to officially register as Republicans, for a year, in order to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. He’s even come up with a catchy moniker to rally support around: Blue Republicans.

I’ve been watching this article since is came out yesterday, and while it hasn’t really gone viral yet, I think it could. Just reading through 75 comments or so, it’s becomes obvious that Mr. Koener has struck a chord with frustrated Democrats (and Independents). His Blue Republican “manifesto” appears to have the right mix intellectual and emotional justification to get people excited. He has also provided a way for them to make a difference through a specific course of action. Already in the comments, a number of Democrats stated that they had just registered as Republicans in order to support Ron Paul in the primaries.

I also see there is now a Facebook page started for Blue Republicans, complete with logo.

The original article is well hidden, deep within the Huffington Post site. I encourage you to send the link to friends to who believe in the cause of peace and personal liberty, and that may not realize that their candidate currently resides in the Republican party.  Further, Ron Paul is the only candidate that has exhibited any evidence that he understands the importance that sound money plays in a sound economy.  In short, Dr. Paul understands gold.

11 Responses to “Democrats becoming “Blue Republicans” to support Ron Paul in 2012”

  1. Brad

    And Morning Joe actually quoted Dr. Paul because he was amazed at how accurately he foresaw the sub-prime mortgage crisis. It’s sad how terribly Dr. Paul and his supporters get treated.

    • john sikokis

      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then you win …

    • Bill Haynes

      Ron Paul accurately forecasted the subprime mortgage crisis because he is a student of Austrian economic theory. The best source of information on Austrian econonics is At, many of the classic Austrian texts are even available free with pdf downloads. Read reviews of some of those texts on the CMIGS’ Essential Reading page.

  2. John B

    What an awesome idea. Wouldn’t that be something if Ron Paul were president? I actually feel selfish for wanting him in there because I believe it would imperil his life.

    • john sikokis

      Yes, I share the same fear. The current system’s political machinations must first be seen for what they really are: A stage for the powered elite who really run this country. These are the same people who were responsible for taking out President Kennedy when he openly stated that he would not serve as a tool for the secret hidden societies that he warned of in one of his speeches. People must understand the agendas of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kissingers, et al before we offer up another saviour who might be struck down. All the ills of this country can be traced back to the private and unconstitutional Federal Reserve. The head of this snake must be lopped off and defanged before preceding on to the next course of events. Please look at then forward the following links to as many people as you know.

  3. john sikokis

    We on the side of liberty, free market capitalism and smaller government must be careful what we wish for. If Dr. Paul were to succeed in his effort to gain the Presidency in 2012, he could be unjustly blamed and then serve as a lightening rod for the worsening economic condition of this country. Should a relief pitcher be blamed for losing the big game when the score was 100 to 0 when he was brought in? Those naysayers who are still caught up in the left – right paradigm would then have a field day crowing about how Libertarianism has ultimately failed to achieve it’s goals. Let this country inevitably implode while those who were really responsible for it’s demise are still in power so THEY can be unequivocally demonized as being the REAL culprits of THEIR deleterious saga. If Ron Paul is elected as a RESULT of this then that would be great; on the other hand, if economic armageddon hasn’t reached it’s apex before the next election, then I believe the good doctor should remain on the sidelines and continue to educate the electorate as to the merits of his positions and beliefs. Timing is of the essence in this regard because if this opportunity isn’t implemented correctly, we could have the same failed system thrown back in our face. Take heed of what happened in the former Soviet Union when the Wall fell: Initially people were – for the most part – jubilant as to the demise of communism; on the other hand, the newly acquired disorder that ensued had many clamoring for a return to the old ways. The best we can hope for in the immediate future is that the people of this country continue to awaken as to the real cause of this nation’s ills so they can correctly define and come to grips with the real solutions.

    • Pat

      Let’s not toss the driver from the wheel and put in someone who will put on the brakes. After all, there’s no way to avoid the crash. In fact, let’s all scream “faster, faster!” and enjoy the change until the bitter end.

      • Bill Haynes

        I’ve heard many people say, to the effect, “Let’s not elect Ron Paul, after all the crash is inevitable. Let the people who caused it pay the price.” Unfortunately, conventional economic thinking is that continued government intervention with interest rate manipulations, housing subsidies and make-work projects will bring us out of the recession. They will not; they will only prolong the recession, maybe even turn it into a depression. It will take a Ron Paul to end the recession.

        Note that Paul Carter says that the difference between a recession and a depression is the duration.


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