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Debt ceiling increases

Few Americans are aware that our federal government does not have a limit on how much money it can spend.  It was not always that way.

Prior to 1939, Congress had to approve every purchase made by the Treasury.  It was then that Congress imposed a debt ceiling, which was watched closely by all.   Fiscal responsibility was demanded in those days so much that as recently as the 1970s, when the national debt approached the ceiling, the price of gold moved higher.

Now, though, there is no debt ceiling until July 19, 2021, when it will most likely be moved higher again.  I say this because the debt ceiling has been raised 86 times since 1959.

The graph shows the most recent increases and massive spending that occurred between dates set by the ceiling limits.  More ominous is the frequency at which the ceilings are cast aside.  Five increases since 2013.  Raising the debt ceiling is a perfunctory event, not much attention is paid to it nowadays.

This is a perfect climate for investing in gold and silver.

2 Responses to “Debt ceiling increases”

  1. PA

    If “they” keep raising the debt ceiling….higher and higher w/o US people being informed, isn’t this BAD for gold/silver stackers-investors?? Since the ceiling will never again be approached [free to set new-higher ceiling @ anytime needed] The price of precious metals [mainly G/S] will not increase rapidly do to concern over debt. Now, people are not encouraged to buy/invest heavy in metals– because the inflated stock market SEEMS the better bet + no limit for the gov’ts spending. This looks to be a headwind for rational buyers of metals….

    • Bill Haynes

      When the government raises the debt ceiling, it means the gov’t is going further in debt. Debt has been the ruination of many nations. When a nation’s currency is not redeemable in gold (or silver), it will print the money to pay the debt. Prices will rise across the board. Right now, the Fed is attempting to get the rate of inflation to 2%, but many indicators show the rate higher. This is a perfect climate for investing in gold and silver.


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