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David Stockman’s Contra Corner

I read many articles and newsletters about topics that may affect the gold/silver markets.  The one I never miss is David Stockman’s Contra Corner.  Stockman was Budget Director during Ronald Reagan’s first term.  Below is the start of his blog post for Thursday, December 19,  2019.

“The Turbulent Twenties begin 13 days from now. It will be the decade when the chickens come home to roost and a time when the can of denial and delay can no longer be kicked down the road to tomorrow.

“Instead, the 2020s will mark an era when today’s economic and political fantasies give way to:

  • the spectacular failure of Keynesian central banking;
  • a violent implosion of America’s fiscal accounts;
  • a prolonged, painful reversal of the three-decade long hyper-inflation of financial asset prices that has resulted in the Everything Bubble;
  • a ferocious global economic headwind arising from the demise of the Red Ponzi;
  • an outbreak of unprecedented partisan acrimony rendering Washington completely dysfunctional and imperiling America’s very constitutional foundation;
  • the lapse of Imperial Washington into retreat and failure all around the planet;
  • a grinding halt to US economic growth while the Baby Boom retirement tsunami causes entitlement spending to soar and generational conflict to erupt like never before; and
  • a virulent outbreak of class warfare and redistributionist political conflict unprecedented in American history owing to a stagnating economic pie.

“These baleful developments are not just possibilities—they are well-nigh certainties.”

The post goes on for six pages.  His website: David Stockman’s Contra Corner.  Cost is $39 a month.


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