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40% Clad Half-Dollars

  • 40% Clad Half-Dollar
  • 40% Clad Half-Dollar

U.S. 40% clad half-dollars were minted only for the years 1965-1969. They should not be confused with 1964-dated half-dollars that are 90% silver and bear the same image of President Kennedy.

Each clad half-dollar contains 0.1479 ounce silver, whereas the silver content of a 1964 Kennedy half-dollar is 0.36169 ounce. A $1,000 face bag of clads contains 295 ounces of silver; a $1,000 face bag of 1964 Kennedys contains 723 ounces of silver.

40% clads are not nearly as popular as pre-1965 90% silver coins, which are commonly called junk silver coins.  This is because a bag of 40% clads takes up the same space and weighs nearly as much as a bag of 90%. Yet, a bag of 40% clads contains only 295 ounces of silver, versus 715 for a bag of circulated 90% dimes or quarters, or 718-720 for a bag of 90% Franklin half-dollars. A bag of 1964 Kennedy half-dollars retains its original silver content because they suffered next to no wear.

U.S. 40% clads have one advantage over 90% silver coins. They often can be purchased at a discount to spot, whereas 90% silver coins have sold at premiums to their silver content for years.

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