Is Charles Payne’s job in jeopardy? | CMI Gold & Silver
Thursday, June 30th, 2022 MST

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Is Charles Payne’s job in jeopardy?

Charles Payne, host of Fox Business News “Making Money with Charles Payne,” may have put his job in jeopardy Friday when he called into question the need for the Fed, the US’s central bank. Make no mistake, central bankers and the people who benefit from central banking are powerful, with tremendous influence in the media.

Payne was talking about the collapsing stock market (down nearly 400 points at the time), and “of a global recession and global deflation,” when he added that “the one institution that was supposed to protect us did not.” The Fed.

Referring to the GOP presidential candidates debate the night before, he added):

“Rand Paul wasn’t on the stage. He’s not a fan of the Fed. I’m not a fan of the Fed. You can read all about it from the ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ on. And, I can go back to history when the Fed was created. We’ve still had great depressions. We’ve still had recessions. We’ve still had butchered business cycles, and through it all the one constant: the super, super wealthy, the one percent of the one percent, never seem to get scathed. I think it may be time to start thinking about ditching the Fed completely.”

Central bankers and their minions are very protective of the Fed’s image and for years obfuscated the real purpose of the Fed and how it functions, keeping secret its most nefarious aspect: the creation of money out of thin air.

A perfect example of a central bank minion is the Republican National Committee, which refused to let Rand Paul on the stage for the main debate Thursday night. Rand has been a thorn in the side of the establishment, regularly attacking the Fed and having sponsored a bill in the Senate calling for an audit of the Fed.

I’m going on record that Charles Payne will not revisit the central bank issue if he is not fired.

3 Responses to “Is Charles Payne’s job in jeopardy?”

  1. Leo McOtis

    Spot on. Good for Charles. The Fed is the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time. God forbid the truth be told.

  2. keith worrall

    At last, someone with integrity, also in a position to inform millions, of the plight each and every country is in, because of the VAMPIRE FED.

  3. Klaus F Volk

    Keith, While it is true what C Payne is saying of the Fed, I want to remind you when speaking of integrity, that Payne was one of the many that laughed the loudest in Peter Schiff’s face when he (Schiff) predicted the housing debacle.


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