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Chance to repeal Obama’s 1099 reporting

Gold and silver investors are concerned about the 1099 reporting that was slipped into Obama’s 2,400-page healthcare legislation, and rightfully so.  The measure is invasive, burdensome and un-American.  It should be repealed, and today there is a major step toward repeal.

The House is expected to vote on a bill today to repeal the 1099 provision.  The bill has huge support as 274 members of the House are sponsoring it.  The bill should pass, but as always there is no guarantee when it comes to Congress.

The bill is H.R.4, a short, simple bill that repeals the 1099 provision. Now is the time for you to contact your member of the House and DEMAND that he/she vote to pass.  Luckily—very, very luckily— DownsizeDC has made repeal of the 1099 provision one of its projects.

DownsizeDC’s efforts are directed toward just what its name suggests: downsizing the size of government.  For example, DownsizeDC supports the novel idea that members of Congress should be required to read the bills before they vote on them.  In case your forgot, Congress voted on Obama’s healthcare without even having copies of the bill.

Importantly, DownsizeDC has the niftiest program on the Internet for sending timely emails to members of Congress about important matters.  Like right now, has a prepared email about the 1099 repeal.

The service is free, although you can donate if you want.  I personally am a big financial supporter of DownsizeDC, and I use it several times a week to make my opinion heard in DC.  DownsizeDC’s system has proven to be effective when it comes to influencing Congress.

To use DownsizeDC’s system, you must register.  Register here.  All fields must be filled in because the email system that Congressional offices use requires full contact information and valid email addresses before emails are accepted.  You even have to let them know if you are a Mr., a Mrs., a Miss or a Dr. Do not worry about spam because of registering with DownsizeDC.  After registering, you will get emails only from DownsizeDC about important matters before Congress, like 1099 reporting.

When you send an email via DownsizeDC, the subject line and the first sentence are uniform for all emails.  This keeps the system from being hijacked.  Additionally, the system permits you to add your personal comments.   Then you get to review before sending.

Here’s why DownsizeDC’s system is so nifty: after registering you can contact your member of the House and your two Senators with one quick email.  If you choose to email your two senators and member of the House via their websites’ Contact Us feature, you have to fill in the information three times.  With DownsizeDC’s Educate the Powerful system, you type your message one time and send to all three with a click.

If you are reading this after the vote in the House has likely taken place, register and send the email anyway.  Nothing is as important to members of Congress as knowing where voters stand on the issues before Congress.

Additionally, a Senate version of the bill must pass before the bill can become law.  So, register with DownsizeDC now so that you will be ready with a click to let your senators know you want them to repeal Obama’s 1099 reporting.

6 Responses to “Chance to repeal Obama’s 1099 reporting”

    • Bill Haynes

      It can be repealed if enough Americans let their senators know they want it repealed. There are many organizations working to get 1099 reporting repealed. If you’re not a member of one of those organizations, join DownsizeDC as discussed in the blog post.

    • Bill Haynes

      As noted, 1099 reporting will be repealed only if enough Americans complain to their senators.

    • Bill Haynes

      1099 reporting will happen only if enough Americans let their Senators know that they want it repealed. I hope you joined


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