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Category: 2013 and Earlier

Gold is money but what about Bitcoin?

In Austrian Economics circles there is currently a debate whether Bitcoin – the most widespread of the new crypto-currencies – is a legitimate currency or just a complex scam. The debate has become some somewhat reminiscent of the inflation vs. deflation arguments of a couple of years ago with each side digging their heels in

Economics as propaganda

How is it that almost every mainstream economist is continually proved wrong in their predictions, that almost every prescribed course of action has led to a continual decline in the future economic prospects for the average American? The answer lies in the fact that economics has long since stopped being a field of scientific inquiry

Friday’s malinvestments sink Crusoe’s retirement

Investors spend a lot of time trying to make the right investment moves; however, there are “mixed signals” that cause making the right decisions difficult if not impossible. Many of the mixed signals come from the Fed’s intervention in the financial markets, which are populated with malinvestments kept alive by the Fed’s manipulations of interest

No tapering: a watershed moment

When the Fed announced that it would not immediately begin reducing (tapering) its “asset purchases,” that was a watershed moment, and it will have tremendous impact on the gold and silver markets in the years ahead. For decades, Keynesian economists have asserted that governments can manage economies by deficit spending and money manipulation. Basic to