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Category: Gold Standard

Keynesian economics debunked in one graph

The entire purpose of modern economics is to obfuscate the truth; to convince the masses to support policies that are contrary to their own interests. In the early twentieth century, economists in the United States realized the opportunity to transform their lot in life from that of dreary academicians to well paid pseudo-celebrities by becoming

Don’t get any crazy ideas. Only the dollar is money.

Neil Irwin over at the Washington Post recently set about reminding the unwashed masses that, only the dollar is money, in his piece “Bitcoin is ludicrous, but it tells us something important about the nature of money.” He starts us out with his “givens”. “We can all agree that the dollar bills in my wallet

Looking for a gold bubble but not finding one

With the price of gold climbing, we are once again starting to hear the clarion cries warning us of a gold bubble.  But how does one objectively evaluate that claim?  The first step is to understand what a bubble means.  A bubble occurs when there is a large disconnect between something’s price and its worth.

CPM Group ridicules Gold Standard

No sooner had word leaked that the GOP was considering a plank in its 2012 platform calling for a gold commission to study the viability of returning to a gold standard, did CPM Group— long known for its anti-gold positions— issue a commentary ridiculing the gold standard.  I disagree with nearly all positions in the commentary. 

Is there any gold in Fort Knox?

Last week, the History Channel’s series Decoded, took on the question of whether Fort Knox actually contains any gold. It is available on Youtube in three parts, in case you missed it. Admittedly I had pretty low expectations for the mainstream media’s treatment of the topic. Of course the question is never answered, but by the time it was over…