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Category: Book Reviews

The Poverty of Nations

The Left is making “income inequality” a cause célèbre , even trying to make it a campaign issue for this election cycle.  Academicians and theorists present many reasons for why the “top one percent” earn so much more than the middle class, but lost in the discussions is why wealth is created by some people

Red and Blue and Broke All Over

Although the title, Red and Blue and Broke All Over, suggests that the book is another expose of America’s dire financial state of affairs, that is not the case. Red and Blue inextricably links our prosperity to our liberties and warns that if “solutions” to our existing financial woes and the “War on Terrorism” put still more controls on us, our prosperity will decline as our liberties vanish.

Gold, Peace and Prosperity

In the GOP presidential debates, when Ron Paul talks about economics he is a giant among pygmies. None challenge him. The best his opponents can come up with is to rail about the need to balance the budget. But, when he brings up the issue of the business cycle, the other candidates look like they want climb under the podium. Further, no moderator has ever sought to question his economic positions.

The Case Against the Fed

In 1913 the United States Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act which created a central bank for America. With its charter came the ability to create money and credit for the country. And so it did. By the end of the 1920s the Fed had inflated the money supply so much that the government was forced to revoke the right of Americans to trade their Dollars for gold…

What You Should Know About Inflation

During Henry Hazlitt’s tenure as a business columnist for Newsweek, he was frequently asked by his readers for an explanation of the cause of inflation and how they might protect themselves from its continual erosion of their savings.  What You Should Know About Inflation is the result of those requests.  Although first published in 1960,

Book Review: The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar

If there were ever a time for a need for understanding of money, it is now. And, no one was ever better at explaining the complexities of money than Murray Rothbard.

Rothbard’s The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar remains of the best treatises on gold and money. As Paul Carter notes in his review, “Money is the heart of any economy. In fact, it is the very basis of modern civilization itself. Without an effective medium of exchange, society cannot advance beyond a primitive barter system. Things that we take for granted, such as specialization of labor – and its associated advancements in technology – are all enabled by the existence of money.”

The more comprehensive your grasp of the concept of sound money, the greater you chance of surviving the world’s financial crisis.

The Road to Serfdom

It is scary to see the ideas and programs promulgated in Washington as solutions to today’s economic problems, primarily the recession (America’s Second Great Depression?) Unfortunately, as Ronald Reagan noted, “The government is the problem.”

Fortunately, one of the great thinkers of the 21st century revealed long ago that such programs are not solutions but, in fact, set us on “The Road to Serfdom.” We can get off that road simply by listening to F.A. Hayek, whose ideas now are available via the Internet and in a republished edition of his “The Road to Serfdom.”

Book Review: What Has Government Done to Our Money?

In the United States we currently have a stated policy by the Federal Reserve to create higher levels of inflation while artificially lowering interest rates.  This is a policy devastating to savers and those attempting to live off of the proceeds of their capital. How did we arrive at the point where a government created