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100-gram Gold Bars

100-gram gold bars are popular in the gold investment community because they are small pieces of gold (3.215 troy ounces) but carry really low premiums.  The most popular 100-gram gold bars are refined by Australia’s Perth Mint and by the Swiss refinery PAMP, two of the world’s most prestigious precious metals refineries.

  • 100-gram Gold Bar
  • 100-gram Gold Bar
  • 100-gram Gold Bar
  • 100-gram Gold Bar
  • 100-gram Gold Bar
  • 100-gram Gold Bar

Buy gold bullion 100-gram gold bars

The new 100-gram gold bullion bars have taken the gold investment community by storm, primarily because for small pieces of gold (3.215 troy ounces) they carry really small premiums, just a few dollars over the premiums for kilo gold bars.

As a rule, in the gold bullion industry the smaller the piece the bigger the premium over spot. 100-gram gold bullion bars defy that rule, as they carry smaller premiums than 10-oz gold bullion bars.

(Another rule you can rely on: gold products from the private sector carry smaller premiums than comparable sized products manufactured by government mints. Invariably, government produced 1-oz. gold coins carry higher premiums than 1-oz. gold bullion bars.)

PAMP 100-gram gold bullion bars

PAMP, one of Europe’s premier precious metals refineries, manufactures the 100-gram gold bullion bars . PAMP also turns out kilo gold bars10-oz gold bars, and 1-oz gold bars . PAMP 100-gram gold bars come in shrink-wrapped sleeves of ten, an economical way to package, which is one reason they carry low premiums.

As is the case with all PAMP gold bars, the 100-gram gold bullion bars are .9999 fine (99.99% pure).

Buy gold bullion 100-gram gold bars

CMI Gold and Silver Inc. recommends gold bullion bars and generally has 100-gram gold bullion bars on hand for prompt delivery. If you buy gold bullion bars from CMI, we will tell you the expected shipment date at the time of the order.

Buy gold bullion bars for IRAs

100-gram gold bullion bars, as are 1-oz., 10-oz. and kilo gold bullion bars, are eligible to be put in IRAs that accept physical gold and silver products. For more information about setting up a self-directed IRA that accepts physical gold and silver, read Putting Gold and Silver in IRAs.

For more information about doing business with CMI Gold & Silver Inc., read our page Doing Business with CMI Gold & Silver Inc. We take call 7:00 am to 5:00 pm MST, Mondays through Fridays. CMIGS has been buying and selling gold and silver bullion since 1973.