Friday, September 22nd, 2017 MST

Bill Haynes interviewed by Phoenix Fox 10 News

For years the airwaves have been full of telemarketer ads that proclaim the virtues of investing in gold.  And, because of gold’s performance over the last ten years and because of the ongoing global financial crisis and because the ads continue to run daily in huge numbers, it is logical to conclude that the telemarketers’

Ron Paul at The Phoenician

When it comes to economics, Ron Paul is the most economically informed member of Congress. When Fed Head Ben Bernanke makes his reports to Congress, how he must dread going head-to-head with this mild-mannered but dogged Congressman with the embarrassing questions.

Friday, November 19, Arizona’s Campaign for Liberty will hold a fund-raising reception with Ron Paul at The Phoenician. CMIGS clients in the Phoenix area are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to talk with the world’s most famous US Congressman.

Have Asian buyers checkmated silver shorts?

Eric King of blogged that his sources say Asian buyers effectively have checkmated the silver shorts. No doubt about it, there is a major battle going on in the silver markets. Volumes are at record highs, and volatility is extreme.

QE2 to bankrupt Fed?

Jim Rickards, writing for, exposes the risks that the Fed is taking with its second Quantitative Easing program, now aptly dubbed QE2.  According to Richards, the Fed could go bankrupt.  First, how the Fed could go bankrupt; second, why it will not happen, at least not immediately. The Fed announced that it plans to

America votes

Tomorrow America votes in one of the most divisive elections that I’ve seen.  In Arizona, the Democrats started way behind in the polls but made up some ground by going negative.   Nearly every Democratic ad I’ve seen has been an attack ad against the Republican candidate.  Seeing the Dems gaining, the GOP went negative.  It’s

First Arizona Bank fails; depositors lose $5.8 million

While it is rare deposits in excess of $250,000 result in losses when banks get in trouble, a recent Arizona bank failure shows that it does happen. Last week regulators closed First Arizona Bank, which looks to result in losses of $5.8 million to the bank’s customers who had deposits in excess of the FDIC’s $250,000 insurance maximum.

Tom Woods exceeds expectations

The common, accepted view is that the printing of still more fiat money will pull the world’s economy out of its malaise. Austrian economic theory offers a contrary opinion. At Grand Canyon University last night, Tom Woods articulated a small portion of Austrian economic theory and why “quantitative easing” will not solve the problem but exacerbate it.

Tom Woods lecture at Grand Canyon University, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010

Although Woods’ talk is titled, “The Free Market and the Financial Crisis: Not Guilty as Charged,” I don’t see he can get around talking about nullification. With fedgov determined to ram Obamacare down our throats, nullification may be a major way to resist. By now, we’ve all learned that Obamacare isn’t just about health care, but massive government intrusion into our lives and the economy . . .

Abundance of gold articles, not all bullish, a South African-based website dedicated to the mining industry, is an excellent source of articles about precious metals.  With contributors around the globe, offers wide perspectives.  Today’s issue has four articles and a podcast, most of which should be of interest to investors with gold hitting all-time highs and silver hitting 30-year highs.