Thursday, November 21st, 2019 MST

Hard earned money is getting harder to hang onto

As if hanging on to your hard-earned money is not difficult enough, now comes another issue that investors/taxpayers have to face.  That is, state and local governments openly admit to $1.4 trillion in unfunded liabilities ($11,000/household), while the Federal Reserve estimates the number to be $4 trillion ($32,000/household).

Bullish flag formation for price of gold

The below graph is a downward sloping bullish graph for the price of gold.  Often times, such formations break out to the upside.  Gold is now making its fourth attempt at bettering the top downtrend line, which is where breakouts often occur.

Debt ceiling increases

Few Americans are aware that our federal government does not have a limit on how much money it can spend.  It was not always that way. Prior to 1939, Congress had to approve every purchase made by the Treasury.  It was then that Congress imposed a debt ceiling, which was watched closely by all.   Fiscal

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