Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 MST

Bill Haynes


A graduate of the University of Colorado, Bill Haynes has been 45 years in the investment world, with 40 years as a precious metals bullion dealer. He has headed CMI Gold & Silver since 1973.

Reading Bill’s posts, and CMI Gold & Silver’s website, you will quickly learn that he has remained faithful to gold and silver bullion as the best form of protection against currency debasement, never once promoting high-priced collectible coins that offer much greater profits to dealers but less protection to buyers.

Bill’s Myths, Misunderstandings and Outright Lies, a warning about the dangers of collectible and numismatic coins, has achieved legendary status among gold and silver investors. No first time investor should write a check without first reading this expose of the numismatic/collectibles telemarketers.

Bill sees, with massive inflation by the Fed to finance our welfare state and foreign wars, a greater need to own gold and silver now than any time in his 40 years as a bullion dealer. With his blog, Bill hopes to educate still more Americans to the benefits of owning gold and silver.