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Austrian 100 Coronoa Gold Coins

Austrian 100 Coronas were among the first gold bullion coins available when Americans regained the right to own gold bullion on December 31, 1974. 100 Coronas, as the coins are dubbed, are minted of .900 fine (21.6 karat) gold, and each coin contains 0.9802 ounce of gold.

  • Austrian 100 Coronoa Gold Coin
  • Austrian 100 Coronoa Gold Coin

Austrian 100 Coronas are Re-strikes

A re-strike is an official reproduction of a coin that once was minted for circulation.  Austrian 100 Coronas are re-strikes dated 1915. Rarely do original Austrian 100 Corona gold coins, with earlier dates, show up.

Austrian 100 Corona Design

The front bears the profile of Franz Joseph I, the Austrian Emperor 1848-1916. The reverse displays the Austrian Coat of Arms, a double eagle with crown. The edges of Austrian 100 Coronas are lettered Vnitis Viribvs.

Austrian 100 Coronas: Cheap Gold Coins

Austrian 100 Coronas are no longer minted and, therefore, are neither advertised nor promoted. As a result, Austrian 100 Coronas are among the lowest-premium gold bullion coins available. Investors wanting low premium “cheap gold” can buy these coins with confidence. Austrian 100 Coronas are well known to all gold bullion coin dealers.

Other low premium gold bullion coins include the Mexican 50 Pesos re-strikes and the Hungarian 100 Korona re-strikes. The most widely recognized low premium gold bullion coins are secondary-market South African Krugerrands.  When new Krugerrands have to be imported, they carry premiums comparable to Gold Eagles and Gold Maple Leafs.

Buying Gold Coins at CMIGS

CMI Gold & Silver Inc. has no minimum order for gold bullion coins. Usually, payment by bank wire transfer is required for large orders. Sometimes, a deposit may be required before prices are locked in. See Doing Business With CMIGS.

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