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News, information, and articles about the outlook for gold and silver

News, articles and commentaries selected for this page include information and commentaries about the outlook for the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium markets. Also posted are information pieces about specific coins and bullion products available to precious metals investors.

At times, commentaries about developments that affect the precious metals markets are posted, such as developments in the world’s currencies markets, the U.S. budget deficit, the U.S. trade deficit, etc.

To receive via email other articles on the above topics, sign up for CMIGS’ Articles of InterestArticles of Interest may or may not be posted on this page. Emailed Articles of Interest usually are “timely,” which means they are relevant to current events. Articles selected for this page tend to be more “timeless.”

Another metals consultancy pans gold

Metals Focus, headquartered in London, bills themselves as one of the world’s leading precious metals consultancies.  In April, at events in London, Toronto, Dubai and Mumbai, they launched Gold Focus 2018, “a comprehensive historical supply and demand statistics and a detailed 2018 forecast for gold.”  It appears that Gold Focus 2018 will be followed next

David Stockman: GOP and Dem Swamp Creatures Join Hands

The Night of Fiscal Infamy By David Stockman. Posted on Friday, February 9th, 2018 We have crossed the fiscal Rubicon, and not merely because Congress passed a $400 billion budget-buster in the wee hours of the morning rather than abide a government shutdown beyond sunrise. And, not merely because the deficit is now locked in at $1.2 trillion or

2018 will be good to gold investors

John Scurci says that the table is set for a good year for gold investors in 2018. That stocks are “elevated” is echoed by David Stockman, who served as Budget Director under Ronald Reagan.

Dangers of Buying Gold

GOLD BULLION PRICES Advertisements promoting gold dominate the airwaves, touting gold as the ultimate investment, the place to be in these times of financial and economic uncertainty. Although it is true that gold has been valued in all civilizations for some 6,000 years, will the respondents enjoy the benefits that the ads promise? Probably not.

Only Ron Paul

The country – nay the world – is mired in the subprime toxic waste meltdown, with lenders writing off billions of dollars in losses. So serious is the problem that the Fed has begun lowering interest rates to ward off recession and President Bush has attempted intervention in private contracts to freeze interest rates for

More on The Perth Mint Lunar Series closing

As most CMIGS clients know, The Perth Mint announced that it will close its Lunar Series . Originally, The Mint had planned to take final order through the end of June, but now the deadline has been extended to the last week of August. The Mint had set a production cap of 30,000 for the 1-oz Gold

Gold and Silver Maple Leafs Get New Packaging

Gold Maple Leafs and Silver Maple Leafs are receiving packaging makeovers, changes clearly mandated by investor disfavor with packaging that the Royal Canadian Mint has used since the coins were introduced. Gold Maple Leafs debuted in 1979, Silver Maple Leafs in 1988. The changes appear to be good moves, which should increase sales of Silver

Perth Mint Releases 2006 Year of the Dog

The 2006 Year of the Dog, the 11th gold coin in The Perth Mint’s 12-coin Lunar Series, has been released and is now immediately available for delivery. Officially, however, the Year of the Dog does not begin until January 29, 2006, and it runs until February 17, 2007. The Perth Mint Lunar Series gold coins come in eight sizes:

Royal Canadian Mint Introduces Palladium Maple Leaf Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has begun striking legal tender palladium coins for the first time. Precious metals investors who like palladium should go with the new Palladium Maple Leaf coins instead of the Credit Suisse 1-oz palladium bars and the PAMP 1-oz palladium bars. Palladium Maple Leafs are being offered at lower premiums that the

Gold topping $500 really is a big deal

As gold topped $500, the news became front-page across the country, and radio and TV financial programs led off talking about the price of gold. Invariably, all noted that gold had reached nearly a two-decade high. Yet it is doubtful that any of the reporters assigned to the story really grasped the importance of gold

RCM launches five 9s gold coin

New gold coins for sale now Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint has launched a .99999 fine 1-oz Gold `Maple Leaf coin. The new coin will not replace the Mint’s standard .9999 Gold Maple Leaf coin but is a limited edition coin that basically is being produced to exhibit the RCM’s engineering excellence in coin minting. Producing .99999 is

Silver squeeze developing?

Gene Arensberg, in his latest Got Gold Report, sees signs “that the chances for an important and historic supply squeeze for physical silver metal developing have increased materially.” Arensberg’s biweekly Got Gold Report is one of the best analytical looks at the gold and silver markets, and his views on the markets provide great insight for investors. In

U.S. Mint to produce five-ounce silver bullion coins

The U.S. Mint has confirmed to its Authorized Purchasers that it plans to release five-ounce .999 fine silver bullion coins later this year. The coins will be the first five-ounce coins ever produced by the Mint. CMI Gold & Silver Inc., one the nation’s oldest precious metals retail dealers, will be delighted to be among

U.S. Mint to release 2009-dated fractional-ounce Gold Eagles

The U.S. Mint will release 2009-dated fractional-ounce Gold Eagles in early December, and CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is now taking orders. We expect to have the coins for shipment about December 11. Pricing on the coins will be in line with historical markups, although mintages for the coins are not expected to be large

Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles readily available has just posted an article about the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle bullion coin program that will, if widely circulated, create confusion in the gold and silver bullion coin market. The article says because of “unprecedented demand . . . The U.S. Mint has again ‘temporarily’ suspended sales of almost all of its gold uncirculated and proof

Premiums return to normal

In the wake of the financial crisis of late 2008, premiums on all forms of physical gold and silver investment products skyrocketed as investors rushed to buy gold and silver at frenetic paces. At times the buying was so hectic that some standard products, such as 1-oz American Gold Eagle coins and junk silver coins, were not available. Deliveries of

Will G20 actions exacerbate problems?

A major G20 meeting presently is going on in London. In November 2008, an emergency G20 meeting was held in Washington. Still another meeting is expected later this year, probably as early as July. Actually, G20 “working groups” meet fairly regularly, but it is only when high government officials gather that G20 meetings receive much

Perth Mint Lunar Series mintages released

The Perth Mint finally released mintages for its Lunar Series, which ran from 1996 through 2007. The Mint disclosed mintages of all the Lunar Coins, the silver coins as well as the gold coins. For the 1-oz Lunar Series Gold Coins, which are the most highly collected coins in the Lunar Series and the only coins that CMI Gold

Gold, still a contrarian investment interviewed Dr. Marc Faber, economist and editor of “The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report,” an economic and financial publication that promotes “against the grain investments.” The interview was especially interesting because he sees gold as still a contrarian investment. But first, Dr. Faber’s salient observations, which should be of interest to all precious metals investors.

The usual suspects

Last week saw major fireworks in the gold market. In three days, gold fell $24, from a Tuesday spot of $685 to a Friday spot of $661. Who were the sellers? Dan Norcini, writing for Jim Sinclair’s MineSet, has proclaimed the sellers to be the usual suspects: the gold bullion banks. Here’s how Norcini analyzes

Central bank diversification

Reports have surfaced that India’s central bank has joined the list of Asian central banks that are considering diversifying their reserve assets. Because Asian central banks have such huge holdings of dollars, any talk of diversification bodes poorly for the dollar, which sits on a precipice on the world’s foreign exchange market. The dollar just

Fed injected into the presidential campaign

Albeit in a small way, probably for the first time since the creation of the Federal Reserve System, it has been injected into a presidential campaign. In the first Republican presidential candidates’ debate, Ron Paul, a Republican member of the House from Texas, spoke out in favor of the gold standard. Although Ron Paul’s formal education

Perth Mint to close Lunar Series

(The Perth Mint Lunar Series closed the last week of August.  The last coins ordered are being minted and should be distributed sometime in October.  It is expected that The Mint will announce the mintages of all the Lunar Series coins in February 2008.  The Lunar Series was one of the most well received coins offerings

Buying Cheap Gold Coins: Krugerands

Considering that gold is trading north of $600, one has to ask how it is possible to buy cheap gold coins. After all, in only late 2005 gold traded at $460, and in 2001 gold traded below $300. Low Premium Krugerand Gold Coins What we are talking about is buying low-premium gold bullion coins, favorites of seasoned gold

First Strike Coins and Early Release Coins

So-called First Strike coins and Early Release coins are often promoted by telemarketers. Precious metals investors should, in most instances, avoid them.  This article explains what First Strike/Early Release coins are, how they came to be and the risks they carry. Most investors seeking information about gold and silver turn to the Internet. There, in

New U.S. Mint Buffalo Coins’ Packaging a Nightmare

(Addendum, one year later: the U.S. Mint has taken no steps to correct the problem with the packaging of its Buffalo Gold Coins.)  When the U.S. Mint announced it was adding a .9999 gold bullion coin to its line of gold coins, it looked like a “golden opportunity” for the Mint  to capture a big chunk of 24-karat

Gold Buffalo Coins approved by Congress

New .9999 fine (24 karat) 1-oz legal tender $50 gold coins will be added to the U.S. Mint’s line of gold bullion coins in 2006 when President Bush signs into law a bill that Congress passed in December. The legislation calls for the Mint to have the coins ready to distribute by June 2006, but

Abandoned Gold Standard Guarantees Inflation

In recent weeks, as prices have surged higher, “revived” inflation has become the topic du jour among establishment writers. Unfortunately, these writers point to the usual suspects, i.e. higher energy costs, higher interest rates, etc. In fact, inflation was guaranteed when the United States abandoned the gold standard. The United States abandoned gold as the foundation of

PCGS, NGC Coin Grading Scam Alert

Longtime CMIGS clients know the contempt with which we hold telemarketers’ promotions of overpriced numismatic and collectible coins. Our disdain stems from the unbelievable horror stories we have been told by persons who have been conned. It is absolute that the more helpless the victims, the more money the con artists will try to extract.

New U.S. Mint .9999 Fine Coins a Golden Opportunity

The article below was written just after the U.S. Mint announced plans to produce a new .9999 fine gold coin. At the time, the coin’s theme and details had not been determined. Now, the coin has been released. Click on the link for current information on the new U.S. .9999 fine Buffalo gold coin. As Gold