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More on The Perth Mint Lunar Series closing

As most CMIGS clients know, The Perth Mint announced that it will close its Lunar Series . Originally, The Mint had planned to take final order through the end of June, but now the deadline has been extended to the last week of August.

The Mint had set a production cap of 30,000 for the 1-oz Gold Lunars, which are the most popular coins in the Lunar Series. Three coins reached the production cap, but with the closing of the Series, all the coins will be “capped” at the number minted.

The lowest mintages so far for the 1-oz Gold Lunars are the 1997 Oxen and the 1999 Rabbits. The highest mintage for the 1-oz Gold Lunars that have not reached the production cap is the year 2006 Gold Dogs, which are lowest premium coins in the Series.

After the final coins are minted, The Mint plans to announce the mintages of all the coins. CMIGS will post the mintages on its website as soon as the numbers are available. (Our announcement of our mintage posting will first be on Bill’s Blog, a new feature on CMIGS’ website.)

As most CMIGS’ clients also know, the Lunar Series included Silver Lunars. CMIGS did not, recommend the Silver Lunars because of their high premiums. Still, the Lunar Series brochures, which we mailed over the years to our clients, contained information about the Silver Lunars, and many clients bought them.

Clients interested in the Silver Lunars will want to know that before closing the Series the Mint will produce the Rat, the Ox, and the Tiger Silver Lunars, which were not minted when the Gold Lunars were launched in 1996. The first Silver Lunars were minted in 1999 with the Year of the Rabbit. The minting of the Rat, Ox and Tiger Silver Lunars will enable collectors to acquire all twelve silver coins.

Only three sizes of Rat, Ox and Tiger Silver Lunars to be minted

However, according to a recent Perth Mint communication, it looks like only the 1-oz, the 2-oz, and kilo Silver Rats, Silver Oxen, and Silver Tigers will be produced. The decision is “based on the volume of dealer orders to date, which does not justify the cost of tooling.”

For information on the sizes of Silver Lunars in the different years, visit

If you are interested in either the Gold Lunars or the Silver Lunars, we recommend that you not want until the last week to order, to avoid the rush. Besides, gold and silver are trading near their 200-day moving averages, which usually means they are favorably priced.